What We Do

 What we Do

Career Consultants offers a number of key services for Organisations across the Hiring / Selection process, HR Service and Outplacement Support.

Our services are specifically tailored to each of our clients needs in order to provide the best solution and ensure the highest standard of service.


Organisations – HR & Outplacement Support

We support the Interview and Selection process, Training, Change Management and Outplacement. These services are carried out by our highly trained and experienced team of HR professionals.

See our Organisations page for our full list of the programs and solutions. Alternatively you can contact us directly or request a call back.

Psychometric Assessments

Career Consultants offers a wide range of Psychometric Assessments to assist the Hiring / Selection process. We work with a number of test publishers to provide Psychometric options including personality profiling and ability testing for the workplace.

Assessments can either be used as part of a detailed assessment of a small number of candidates for a role, or used as a broad testing tool to make selections from large pools of candidates based on minimum eligibility criteria or top percentile scorers.