The importance of a great CV has never been higher than in the current economy. As jobs are being created and positions vacant it is more important than ever that your CV gets to the top of the pile. Competition is intense so every advantage should be played in order to succeed.

With this in mind we thought it would be useful to pose a simple question:

How important is your CV?

The answer is, quite simply, extraordinarily important. Your CV is most likely the first contact point you have with a recruiter, hiring manager or the organisation, so it had better be impressive…


The Cpl Group recently conducted a survey finding that 89% of CV’s contain spelling errors. In our conversations with recruiters they have repeatedly stated that poor layout, grammar and spelling will cause them to lose interest in a candidate that might have otherwise potentially been successful. The CV with grammatical errors and spelling mistakes is at a significant disadvantage to the candidate with a well laid out and grammatically correct CV.


One of the recurring issues we face at Career Consultants is candidates who are concerned about their skill set and how it applies for the job or field they want. More often than not the issue is not their skills or achievements; it is that these skills and achievements are not on the CV.

With any CV it is worth checking that your content accurately portrays your skills and experience to a potential employer. Your content should be efficient, economical and show every applicable reason why you’re the best person for the job.


Each position is different (though some only marginally), and this should be taken into account with your CV. Having an excellent template is a good start, and will allow you to tailor your CV to the specific job. In this way you can emphasise your relevant skills and place less importance on irrelevant skills.


Your CV is typically your first point of contact with any organisation. The average time spent viewing a CV is approximately 30 seconds, so this presents a very narrow window for you to sell yourself. In order to get your CV to the top of that pile you need to ensure every part of it is correct, accurate and specific for the position at hand.