Who We Are

Our Team

Our consultants are highly experienced career professionals in the areas of Career Coaching & Mentoring, Occupational Psychology, Human Resources and Outplacement.

As part of our HR solutions, we have expertise in all levels of the staffing process from interviewing potential candidates to conducting large scale outplacement programmes. We conduct Psychometric Assessment in order to measure a candidates knowledge, ability, attitude and personality traits for the workplace. We have recently become premium providers in Ireland for CEB Psychometric Testing.

“Every staff member involved in the Career Coaching programme has been explicit in the real value that they have gained from the programme, from CV writing, Interviewing and Job Search techniques.
The most important result from the Career Coaching has been the significant increase in confidence for the participants, a self-belief that they can succeed in the external market place. Career Consultants have brought market and professional expertise and a real understanding of people.”
Telecoms Company
“After seven years in the media industry I found myself without a job and with no idea how to make the transition into a new career area… When I contacted Career Consultants they offered me a tailored package specifically designed for my needs and budget, which meant that I didn’t waste any time or money.
Career Consultants opened me up to a world of possibilities and gave me all the tools I needed to make the transition to a new role. I believe I received an excellent professional service and would recommend it to anyone in a similar situation.”
“When I first got in touch with Career Consultants I didn’t know what jobs I should be looking for and which roles would suit me. Career Consultants were able to analyse my key skills and competencies and associate them with suitable jobs. They helped me draw up a top class CV which marketed all my main attributes and previous experiences. Without a doubt I would not be employed without the help of Career Consultants and would not have the same confidence to interview in the future.”
IRUPA Member/Graduate