Psychometric Assessments

Psychometrics are an efficient low cost method of identifying the best candidates for a recruitment process. By focussing on a candidate’s ability or their personality Psychometrics can support the interview process to ensure you get the best fit for your organisation.

Career Consultants provides a full range of Psychometric solutions, from in-depth personality profiling to assess factors such as motivation, management competencies and suitability for a position.

Career Consultants also provide a range of ability tests, which allow for large numbers of candidates to be assessed for specific positions. Using these tests we can identify the top performers in a pool of candidates in order for them to be moved on to the next round of the selection process.


What are Psychometrics?

Psychometrics are a tool for measuring a person’s knowledge, ability or personality in the workplace. There are a variety of solutions, however they fall into two broad categories: Personality & Ability.

It can provide an accurate description of the candidate and help predict their future performance or suitability for the role.

The aim of Psychometric Assessments is to get the candidate that’s the ‘best fit’ for the role.



Why should you use them?

Psychometrics are a low cost way to assist the interview process, narrow down selection times and, most importantly, ensure you get the best person possible for the job.

They can create a lower costing, streamlined hiring / selection process, as well as significantly increase the likelihood of a more efficient, productive hire.

Surveys show the use of Psychometrics can increase revenue, reduce cost, increase leadership effectiveness and increase quality and efficiency.



When should they be used?

Ability testing is normally used at the beginning of the recruitment process.

Personality assessment is ideally used as part of the interview process. to support the hiring manager with relevant interview questions.

Psychometric Assessments are typically done on-line through either a supervised assessment or in the candidates own time.

For your organisation, setting up the process is as simple as speaking with a member of our team and discussing what you’d like to assess and we’ll take it from there.



How we can help

Career Consultants offer a wide range of Psychometric solutions for your organisation. We can provide the tests themselves, or manage the actual testing, interpretation and assist you throughout the hiring / selection process.

The requirements needed for each test are quite minimal in order to make it as easy as possible to get your candidates started.