Outplacement Support

Outplacement Support When planning for redundancies there are a number of issues to consider; protecting your company’s reputation, protecting your employer brand and ensuring the transition is as smooth as possible. Career Consultants provides Outplacement Support to advise you on each step throughout the process, ensuring both sides, your organisation and the departing employees, are equipped with the necessary training and ability to see that any redundancies cause as little disruption as possible.

We provide a consultation service in advance of the program. This gives management an opportunity to evaluate the employability and prospects for all staff that will be affected. This in turn facilitates decision-making on how best to structure an outplacement programme to best suit the needs of the organisation and affected staff.
Programmes are designed for all employee levels and delivered in a number of formats, including:

o Pre-Announcement Planning

o Compliance with Employment Law requirements

o Managing internal and external communications

o Breaking the News training for Managers

o Executive and Management outplacement programmes

o Group outplacement workshops