Breaking the News Training

Breaking the News of a redundancy or transition to an employee can be a hugely difficult task for a manager. Many senior managers dread having to communicate redundancy information to employees. In a survey of senior managers in the UK, the following was reported:

o Over 70% felt that providing outplacement support helped managers to implement redundancies with a clearer conscience

o 87% of those with experience of outplacement support reported that it eased pressure on them as managers

At Career Consultants, our Breaking the News Training provides the relevant management team with clear and proven guidelines as to the best way to deliver the news and to give support to those leaving. This provides an appropriate and positive mechanism for the employee and reduces the strain placed on a management team who may have little experience in planned redundancy issues.

breaking the news trainingOur Breaking the News Training includes practical approaches to working with the relevant employees, while also providing a guideline for the psychological approach and methods for reducing the strain and associated stress of planned redundancies.

As part of this service we provide support to motivate remaining employees and ensure the planned redundancies do not cause a drop in morale which could negatively affect performance.